The Biblical prophetess,
God chose long ago,
To lead His dear people
From perils and foe.

Guiding the Israelites,
The millions, ‘the swarm;’
Like bees to their queen
Toil and perform.

They trusted their leader
And followed her word;
No man compared;
Her wisdom was heard.

She led them to fight,
God pointing the way;
Using her mightily
To never once stray.

Finally war ended;
The battle was long;
They gathered in victory,
She praised Him in song.

Giving full glory
To her Leader and Lord;
She praised Him for strength
To lead and restore.

Deborah sang out
With kind, thankful words,
For the willing who came
In flocks and strong herds.

She praised Israel’s God
Who made the earth shake,
And poured forth the rain,
Still mountains to quake.

She encouraged her people,
Who fought to great lengths,
Saying, “May those who love God
Be like the rising sun’s strength.”

“Oh, Deborah, God used you,
Your strength and kind words,
Ordained before time,
Your leadership heard.

You followed the meaning
Of your name to the end;
His sovereignty placed you
To lead and attend.”


Deborah said...

With a title like that I couldn't help but stop by for a peak! :o)
Lovely poem!

Lynne said...

Thanks! :)

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