Ruth, the brave Moabite
God used long ago;
He displayed His sovereignty
In the life of this widow.

Naomi, her mother-in-law
Was in a sorrowful state,
For she lost her two sons
And her husband and mate.

With both her son’s wives,
(Three widows in grief),
Naomi left Moab
In such disbelief.

Her grieving was bitter
For she was now all alone,
But insisted the girls
Go back to their own.

After much weeping,
Orpah went away;
Ruth cried, “Where you go
Is where I will stay!”

Ruth told Naomi,
“Your God will be mine;
So they headed to Judah,
God’s Will and design.

Now in a strange land,
Ruth gleaned in the fields;
The owner took notice,
But knew her ordeal.

Boaz showed kindness;
Now privileges were more.
God provided her food
With riches in store.

Naomi, taking notice,
Came up with a plan
For a kinsman-redeemer
To purchase her land.

Ruth obeyed Naomi;
Boaz liked her request.
He set out with the elders
And told her to rest.

Included in the redemption,
Ruth would be the wife
To preserve the family name,
Giving birth to new life.

The redeemer wanted the land
But no duty to claim;
So Boaz, her relative,
Kept Naomi from shame.

He took Ruth as his wife
And gave them the land;
They soon had a son,
All part of God’s plan.

Obed would carry on
At the end of her days;
God took care of each detail
And guided their ways.

Ruth’s name fit her well,
Meaning, “companion and friend;”
Her devotion to Naomi,
So commendable till the end.

Ruth’s grace and her faithfulness,
Respect and wise mind,
Show a woman of noble character
With rare loyalty, who can find!

She left her own country,
For her God, she obeyed;
She took the bold risk,
For her own land had strayed.

Her sacrifice and kindness
And trust were rewarded;
God’s provision was obvious,
And her name was recorded;

True obedience brought Ruth
Into the lineage of the Savior,
And blessed her with a husband
With honorable behavior.

Christ, our Redeemer,
Paid the debt for our sin.
We are His kinsmen;
He cleansed us within!

Ruth gave up everything;
Boaz honored her in return,
Just as Christ gave His life;
What lessons we learn!


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